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Battery Reconditioner, Battery Desulfator, Battery Rejuvenator Restore or Maintain Your Lead Acid Batteries in Top Condition

What our customers say about the Battery Extra

Testimonial are drawn from, direct customer emails, blog posts, YouTube comments, Amazon reviews, eBay feedback and Facebook posts. All are genuine and verifiable. They represent some, but by no means all of the testimonial received.

“Hi, thanks for the Battery Extra 36/48 it is working fine and saved my golf buggy batteries. This is another order for 12/24 for my sister as she was very impressed, so all good. Thanks”

Les, New South Wales

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“What a great piece of kit. My batteries were bone dry. Filled them up with distilled water. Put on charge with your device. Took about ten cycles, then whoop. Awesome pal".

Baz, Coventry UK

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“After 12 Rounds And Recharges My 2012 Trojans Are Like New Again AAAAA Great”.

Kieth, Queensland

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“Your desulfators are working great on my clients' old solar battery banks”.

Jeff, Philppines

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"I have been using this (on my solar battery bank) for a few months now. The digital readout is clear and can be seen from across the room. This unit is well made, sturdy, easy to hook up and set up. Bottom line, I have very happy with this desulfator and this company, they are very helpful and if you contact them with questions, they get back to you with answers".

Wretha, Texa USA

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“I’ve been using your battery desulfators/conditioners for two months now. They really do a great job on every battery type. The condition of the batteries in my camper car, Mercedes and my motorbike has become verifiably better. I will recommend to people interested to give their batteries a longer life and so save money and protect the environment”.

Ulrich, Germany

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“Waited to leave feedback until tried it. Has noticeably improved 2 batteries – happy”

Ebay Customer

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"My second purchase, very good product indeed, works well and as described".

Steve, UK

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“I was going to spend 100 quid replacing my car battery with a new one. Seen this gadget on you tube. Thought I'd try it. So glad I did. The battery is like new and holds its charge. The great thing about this, it keeps the battery in top condition. Just connect it, cable-tie it to the battery and that's it. Peace of mind, my car will start every time”.

Daniel, UK

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"I was very sceptical when I ordered, knowing that there was a money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try. I have 4 x 6 volt batteries in my motorhome, all had very poor sg readings. After using it for 5 weeks, all the batteries are now reading close to as new specification. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you."

DC, Birmingham

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“Used on caravan battery and golf trolley battery both were dead now revived and would have cost me £150 to replace so £49 is a great saving recommended”

Amazon Customer

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"Funktioniert wirklich! 12V Akku 2Jahre bei 5V gelagert, nach 1 Woche 10 Zyklen iO". (Really works! Stored 12V battery 2 years at 5V, after 1 week 10 cycles OK).

Ronny Krecha, Germany

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"Just had to let you know, after taking your advice I managed to get my old Ebike batteries working again using your battery extra, it took some time but they are almost up to full capacity. Not bad for a set of batteries that had been unused for 8 years".
BW, London

"Although we spoke recently,i would like to ask if i can give a testimony ? so now less than a week my 66 ah sealed lead acid batterys on your unit that were only giving a known discharge rate to me that worked for 46 mins are now giving 1 hour 14 mins so although it seems like a majic box that you cant see working it really seems to be doing something effective !!!!! thats 28 mins more over a week of regular drops then re charges !!! 28 mins more already at one week is amazing !!!!!!"

"I am happy to confirm that the unit has returned some heavily sulphated batteries to around 80% and as such we are very happy."
Caravan and Camping Club, UK

"I have been using 2 of these units for the past 6 months. One is connected to my motorhome vehicle battery and the other connected to the leisure batteries (that are switched in turn for 24 hours each). Both units have been permanently connected while the vehicle is running and when parked and plugged into the mains supply. All three batteries are at least 3 years old and have been improved by the use of the units that are hard wired into the battery circuits."
John H, UK

"Brilliant and so simple. Well made and has a good heat sink which is important on large battery arrays".

"Does the job simply and well. Exactly what I needed and sits well with a large battery inside a large box. Came well packaged and was dispatched promptly with great communications and response to messages from supplier. Highly recommended."

"Used on caravan battery and golf trolley battery both were dead now revived and would have cost me £150 to replace so £40 is a great saving recommended." 

"Battery desulfator this really works great bit of kit used on my mobility scooter."
bix-bitz, UK

"Works well. Great for large banks."
Thomas, Australia

"Actually working....impressed."
Thomas, UK

"My second purchase, very good product, works well and as described."
Steve, UK

"Found the telephone help line to the supplier incredibly helpful about battery advice and how best to use the unit."
Robin, Burnley

"OK, results so far, we have tried to recover 7 car batteries from our scrap pile, 6 recovered good enough to use, 1 still dead."
GP, London

"Dan you talked me into it, well you were right, it works. Four weeks and the batteries are like new."

"I have used one on my battery bank which has 2nd hand batteries and it has made a huge difference in there storage capacity."

"I bought this unit, as I had a lead acid battery on a tractor that is not used too much, but failed to start after charging the battery. It was either this or a new battery & with the 60 day guarantee it is defiantly worth a try. I used the unit with a battery charger, over a 7 day period. For other reasons, I then left the battery in the tractor for a month, then tried it, it started first time. Therefore, unquestionably it had a positive affect. After receiving the unit, I emailed their tech department with a couple of questions & within the day, got a very thorough response from someone who definitely knew their stuff." 

"My battery has improved two fold ,holds charge for longer period when under load." 
Ged Foster

"Fast delivery good communication and have seen an improvement in capacity in only 48 hours of use."
Bernie, Peterborough

"Great seller, Customer support is priceless."

"Good morning congratulation on your excellent product and service"
Jim, Essex

"We tested with old car battery for very long time and we found the battery we saved looks similar as new battery with internal resistance, the result is good! Best regards"

"Really works. Highly recommended."
RG, Wales

"This realy does work, tested on a few batteries worked on all"
Phil, Barry Wales

"Does what it says, worth buying"
Paul, Taunton GB

"Everything more than perfect, friendly and highly recommended"

"The experience was great and I am looking forward to do more business with you"

"Does what the instructions says it will do very satisfied"

"Works like a dream"

"Fantastic now I can go out on my bike"

"Great product, took a bit of time but recovered my battery pack to 90% capacity"

"Battery performance improved, free advice given. Excellent"
"Really works, highly recommended"

"Brilliant and so simple. Well made and has a good heat sink which is important on large battery arrays".

"Found the telephone help line to the supplier incredibly helpful about battery advice and how best to use the unit."


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