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More than 70% of lead acid batteries fail due to sulfate build-up - NOT because they are worn out. They can be restored with the Battery Extra. And unlike some overcharge restorers, it WON’T risk damaging your golf cart batteries.

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This is our Battery Extra EX01-12-48-200. It’s designed to restore 36-48 volt lead acid battery packs commonly found in golf carts and buggies.

It works by eliminating sulfate build-up, which is the cause of 70% of poor voltage and capacity problems.

Don’t replace your batteries unnecessarily. You could restore them for much more use. Get the Battery Extra with FREE worldwide shipping, and if it doesn’t work, return it within 90 days for a full refund INCLUDING the cost of return shipping.

What our customers say:

“Hi, thanks for the Battery Extra 36/48 it is working fine and saved my golf buggy batteries. This is another order for 12/24 for my sister as she was very impressed, so all good. Thanks"

Les, New South Wales

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"After 12 Rounds and Recharges My 2012 Trojans Are Like New Again Great. I have also ordered another 3 of this product for friends since then and recommended this product to many others who have ordered"

Keith, Queensland

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How does the Battery Extra work?

Are your lead acid golf cart batteries not holding a charge like they used to? Has the range dropped and keeps dropping?

In most cases, that’s due to sulfate build-up - not permanent damage. This occurs naturally over time (particularly with deep discharging cycles) that cause the sulphuric acid in the electrolyte to clump together into lead sulfate crystals that stick to the cell plates.

Here’s the good news: it’s reversible. The Battery Extra does this by sending a range of frequency pulses through the battery that dissolve the lead sulfate crystals back into the electrolyte.

How well does the Battery Extra work?

It’s common for golf cart and buggy batteries to be restored to near peak performance with dramatically extended range – just like they used to be.

It’s not a short-term fix, either. The desulfation and restoration process on the batteries can provide years of extra use with the range to drive you around many more holes without worry.

But will it work?

The Battery Extra (and any desulfator or restorer, for that matter) won’t work if the cells in your golf cart batteries are damaged or dried out.
However, that’s surprisingly quite rare, particularly if you’ve been using your golf cart regularly for most of the battery pack’s life. Sulfation is most likely the problem, and this WILL reverse it.

But to give you peace of mind, it’s why we offer this…

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90 day money-back guarantee, including return shipping

Most of our customers notice an improvement in a few weeks. Others might need longer depending on the level of sulfation.

With a full 90 day guarantee, it gives you plenty of time to see an improvement when restoring your golf cart batteries.

Worldwide shipping is free, and if it doesn’t work as hoped, you can return it any time within 90 days. We’ll refund the price INCLUDING the cost of standard return shipping, so you aren’t out of pocket by even one penny.

No risk of lead acid battery damage

The Battery Extra works with a range of frequency pulses. It doesn’t use the same process as cheaper circuits which attempt to shock the battery with a high voltage overcharge. Can this high voltage method work too? Sure in the short term. But overcharging batteries like this easily damages the cell plates and over time irreversible erosion damage.

There’s no risk of this with the Battery Extra. It doesn’t even need an external power source. It uses a small amount of power from the battery instead.
That’s very important, particularly when a golf cart battery pack cost hundreds to replace.

It can be used for on-going maintenance, too

Because it’s safe for your golf cart’s battery, the Battery Extra doubles up as a maintenance device. Once your battery is restored, keep using it to prevent the problem reoccurring.

We recommend leaving it attached permanently - 24/7 - during charge and discharge cycles. It will continue to maintain battery performance to give you more speed and range around the fairways.


We designed the Battery Extra based on decades of experience at the highest levels of the battery industry. This includes working on EU safety standards, advanced battery management systems, and with international manufacturers of golf carts and buggies to optimise their own battery systems.

When you buy the Battery Extra, you’re also gaining direct access to our technical expertise. Contact us any time for expert advice no matter how simple or complex your needs may be.


We’ll dispatch the unit within one working day with FREE airmail shipping worldwide. And remember, we’ll refund the cost of standard return shipping from anywhere in the world if you decide to return the Battery Extra for any reason.

A post from our Facebook page - Andrew’s experience:

"Had my Battery Extra for several months now. Got it for my 48v Yamaha Golf Cart. When I bought my cart second hand I went and got a quote for new batteries as the ones in the cart would barely get me around 18 holes. Once we even had to push the cart onto my trailer. The batteries would cost me close to $1600.

Didn't see much difference for a while but now I'm finishing 18 holes with the battery indicator showing just under half full. That's pretty remarkable in such a short time. The instructions did say that it may take between 1 and 20 charges to see any difference and I have to admit I thought it was a gamble to buy Battery Extra in the first place.

All I did was hook one wire to one end of my four batteries and the other to the other. Very happy and so is my playing partner as he doesn't have to push my Cart anymore."


Got a poor performing battery? Is it struggling to hold a charge? Unless it’s been very badly used, the problem is likely to be sulfation, and this IS reversible with the Battery Extra.

With a range of low voltage frequencies, the Battery Extra EX01-48-200 can dissolve sulfate build-up, recondition the plates, and recover your battery back to strong performance.

If it doesn’t, return it to us within 90 days for a full refund INCLUDING the cost of return shipping.

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How do I use it?

You can read the full manual here, but it’s very easy. There’s no external power source. It’s two ring connectors for the positive and negative terminals. Attach them and it will begin restoration.

You can even keep it attached while the battery is being charged or discharged, and use it long-term to maintain performance for longer.

Why choose the Battery Extra?

Why choose the Battery Extra?

• Unlike some other units, there’s NO risk of overcharge damage
• Works for long-term maintenance after recovery
• No external power source needed

• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tested
• Tested to EU standard with the CE Marking
• Use it with your existing charger on all cycles

• 90 day money-back guarantee inc. return postage
• Expert support from UK battery engineers
• Free UK and worldwide priority shipping

Read all 11 reasons to choose the Battery Extra here.

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GBP £79

USD $114

EURO €99

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• You don't need a Paypal account to order and can use any debit or credit card

• Comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee including the cost of return shipping



• All orders are shipped from the UK worldwide, and are dispatched within one working day of payment.

• Our prices include free worldwide shipping by Royal Mail Priority Air Mail. A few countries are excluded from free shipping, but we will contact you prior to dispatch if this is the case.

Note: Depending on your destination, you may be liable for import duties and taxes. Please contact us if you would like clarification for your country.

• UK orders are sent by Royal Mail first class post.


We use the Paypal secure payment system to accept all major credit and debit cards. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to use this.


- Quad voltage - 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt
- Automatic voltage detection
- Maximum current draw - 200 mA
- Battery voltage indicator

- No mains power required
- Works during both charge and discharge cycles
- Lightweight aluminium case
- Automatic low voltage cut off

- Low voltage override switch
- Short circuit protection built in
- EMC tested to World standards

- CE compliance tested
- Works on all types of lead acid batteries
- Easy installation via ring connectors or crocodile clips


If your lead acid battery is new or sulfated, it WILL work every time (which applies to the vast majority of cases). However, it won’t work with batteries that have dried or damaged cells.

And while some batteries will respond quickly, others may require a bit longer for the desulfation to occur.

That’s why we offer a full 90 day money-back guarantee, including the cost of return shipping, so there’s plenty of time to try it risk free. In the unlikely event it doesn’t work, return it to us within 90 days for a full refund. This will include the cost of standard return postage.


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