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Battery Recovery, Reconditioning, Desulfation & Maintenance... Made Easy!

Battery Reconditioner, Battery Desulfator, Battery Rejuvenator Restore or Maintain Your Lead Acid Batteries in Top Condition

* Is your lead acid battery not charging properly?
* Is it failing to hold a charge?
* Is the voltage low?


Just because the battery is struggling to hold a charge, it DOESN’T mean it’s damaged for good.

Why? Because in most cases, lead acid batteries fail due to a build-up of sulfate crystals on the cell plates – also known as sulfation.

The good news? This CAN be reversible.

That’s where the Battery Extra desulfator and reconditioner comes in. Attach it to any lead acid battery, and it will create frequency pulses that are sent to the battery to dissolve the lead sulfate crystals.

This helps to restore all the features you expect of a healthy lead-acid battery:

• Faster charging
• Correct voltage
• More power
• Longer battery life

Don’t spend a fortune on battery replacements you probably don’t need. There’s a good chance you would be throwing away fully recoverable batteries. Desulfate it instead with the Battery Extra.

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You’ll get a 90 day money-back guarantee, INCLUDING return shipping

While the Battery Extra can restore sulfated batteries to extend their life, it will not recover batteries with dried out or damaged cells.

To allow you to try it with peace of mind, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Consider it a free trial so you can try it on your own batteries.

If the problem turns out to be cell damage instead of sulfation, send it back to us for a 100% refund that includes the cost of return shipping.

If it does work, enjoy lead acid batteries that are as good as they used to be, and keep your batteries conditioned to extend their life even more.


With over 70% of lead acid battery problems being caused by sulfation alone, it’s very likely that the Battery Extra reconditioner and desulfator will solve your battery problems.

And with our 90 day money-back guarantee, including the cost of return shipping, you can find out risk-free.

Find out more about our 90 day guarantee click here.


The Battery Extra can prevent sulfation problems happening in the first place. You can even connect it permanently to keep your lead acid batteries conditioned with a longer lifespan.

More power and more charge for longer. It’s perfect if you have batteries that are deep discharged, left too long between charges or not fully charged before use – three of the major causes of sulfation.


Sulfate build-up is a decades old problem, and many battery charger manufacturers have tried to solve it by incorporating a “pulse circuit” into their most expensive chargers. 

They usually work by sending high voltage pulses through the battery to break up the sulfate deposits.

Spotted the problem there? High voltage. Yes, it can work in the short term, but it damages the battery plates in the long term.

Instead, the Battery Extra rejuvenator uses frequency pulses with a range of frequencies. This gradually dissolves the sulfate build-up on the plates, and restores performance without harming lifespan.

Think of it like using a chisel instead of a sledgehammer

You can find out more about how it works click here.

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There’s a Battery Extra model for any lead acid battery

If it’s a lead acid battery, the Battery Extra can do the job. We include a range of models for all types of voltage and amp hour capacities. You can see the full range click here.

Car? Truck? Boat? Caravan? RV? Mobility scooter? Golf cart? Forklift truck? Back-up power system? Solar energy system? Our customers have used the Battery Extra to restore batteries for all these vehicles and systems. See some of the most popular uses click here.


We designed the Battery Extra based on a wealth of experience in the battery industry, including:

• Working on EU safety standards
• Working with international manufacturers of golf carts and electric vehicles
• Designing battery management systems for advanced passenger vehicles

We are not resellers with limited knowledge. We’ve designed the Battery Extra with decades of experience in the pinnacle of battery technology. It’s a career and a passion that we enjoy.

That’s why we’re more than happy to give you any advice you need, whether you have a simple question or a highly complex requirement. Please contact us here any time.


• Safe for your battery – no risk of high voltage overcharge damage
• Use it for on-going maintenance to extend battery life
• No external power source required
• Electromagnetic compatibility tested to world standards

• Tested to EU standards with the CE Marking
• Use it with your existing charger – even at the same time
• A long-term solution – not a short-term temporary fix
• A full three year warranty

• Free technical support from UK-based battery specialists
• A 90 day money-back guarantee including return postage
• Free priority shipping worldwide

And most importantly, it can make a massive, lasting difference to your lead acid batteries. Our testimonials attest to that.

Read more about the 11 reasons to choose the Battery Extra.



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"After 12 Rounds And Recharges My 2012 Trojans Are Like New Again Great. I have also ordered another 3 of this product for friends since then and recommended this product to many others who have ordered"
Keith, Queensland

"Hi, thanks for the Battery Extra 36/48 it is working fine and saved my golf buggy batteries. This is another order for 12/24 for my sister as she was very impressed, so all good. Thanks"
Les, New South Wales.

"Saved me a fortune this was my last resort before I ordered new set of batteries a++++++".
Tony, England

Click to see more information on the Battery Extra for golf cart batteries


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"Exactly 2-months since i installed the battery extra desulfator. Looks like the Battery Extra is living to its advertising. Battery imbalance seems fixed and I noticed battery bank is holding its charge better. Battery life is longer and LVD ATS is not being triggered since almost around 2 weeks now. Battery extra worked wonder"

"Your desulfators are working great on my clients' old solar battery banks"
Jeff, Philippines

"I run an off grid workshop, I thought my 2006 battery bank was down but still ok-- ha ha this has shown me how wrong I was, their life without the back-up 24v genny running has nearly doubled, and run time before inverter cuts off has doubled. Superb product, Am totally amazed."
Robin, Scotland

"I have been using this (on my solar battery bank) for a few months now. The digital readout is clear and can be seen from across the room. This unit is well made, sturdy, easy to hook up and set up. Bottom line, I have very happy with this desulfator and this company, they are very helpful and if you contact them with questions, they get back to you with answers". 
Wretha Texas

Click to see more information on the Battery Extra for solar battery banks


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"I am happy to confirm that the unit has returned some heavily sulphated batteries to around 80% and as such we are very happy."
Caravan and Camping Club UK

"I was ready to replace 3 batteries, assuming that they were defective and cost over 140 us dollars each. I have successfully rejuvenated all three batteries. Thank you for a good product"
John, Texas

"I have been using 2 of these units for the past 6 months. One is connected to my motorhome vehicle battery and the other connected to the leisure batteries all three batteries are at least 3 years old and have been improved by the use of the units that are hard wired into the battery circuits."
John, UK

Click to see more information on the Battery Extra for RV’s and campers


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"A client brought in two very distressed batteries. One was at 12.2 V and the other at 8.01 V. We put them on a charger, connected a battery desulfator to each battery and used charge controllers as a load. The desulfator and charge controller served as small loads to discharge the batteries. Today we tested them with two drills with a combined total of 700 Watts and they are both working fine."

"I bought this unit, as I had a lead acid battery on a tractor that is not used too much, but failed to start after charging the battery. It was either this or a new battery & with the 60 day guarantee it is defiantly worth a try. I used the unit with a battery charger, over a 7 day period. For other reasons, I then left the battery in the tractor for a month, then tried it, it started first time. Therefore, unquestionably it had a positive effect; how long it lasts I do not know.

After receiving the unit, I emailed their tech department with a couple of questions & within the day, got a very thorough response from someone who definitely knew their stuff.

Update Oct 1 2015 - Battery has continually started the tractor without further offline charging. Definitely has had a positive & lasting effect."

Gerry. Ireland

Click to see more information on the Battery Extra for 12 volt batteries

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Glen’s batteries were losing capacity, and on inspection he found that the battery plates were sulphated, he tried to recover the situation by running a couple of equalisation charges, this did not help. It was suggested he try fitting a Battery Extra. So Glenn decided to give it a try, this is an edited video he posted showing the results of using the Battery Extra on his solar Battery bank for 3 weeks.

Glenn is not connected in any way to Battery Extra Ltd. except as a customer. For full details on all models visit our PRODUCTS PAGE.


Chris, a customer of ours in Lagos, was brought an old 12 volt battery to try to recover, it was low on water and was recording only 4 volts, and he thought it would not be possible to recover but he gave it a try anyway. This is an edited video posted by him on YouTube showing the results after using the Battery Extra. 

Chris is not connected in any way to Battery Extra Ltd. except as a customer. For full details on all models visit our PRODUCTS PAGE


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